Stroke Screening / Carotid artery color flow Doppler ultrasound 
To learn more about stroke, click here for video.
Using harmless and painless sound waves, soft and calcified plaques can be seen attached to the walls of the carotid arteries which are the arteries in the neck that supply the brain with oxygen. Color flow Doppler makes it possible to see the characteristics of blood flow in the carotid arteries non-invasively (without using any needles or dyes or piercing the skin). Plaque or stenosis in the carotid arteries can be as significant as 95% and cause no noticeable symptoms. Stenosis can be easily missed during a routine physical with a stethoscope. Ultrasound is the most affordable, non-invasive imaging tool to detect carotid artery disease, and remains one of the best weapons to prevent ischemic stroke. 
The screenings services that we provide are done at churches, businesses, school districts and civic organizations throughout several states in the USA. To schedule a screening at your church or business, or to find out if we have a screening location near you, simply call our office or use the e-mail us form.  Additionally, contact us to request a Corporate lunch & learn where we can come to your office(s) to give an educational seminar on stroke and vascular disease awareness and prevention.  Ask us about your biometric health screenings.
Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm (AAA) Screening  
To learn more about abdominal aorta aneurysms, click here for video.
The identification of AAA is usually based on an ultrasound examination of the aorta which is the main artery in the abdominal area. Using harmless and painless sound waves, AAA can be seen on the abdominal aorta. AAA can be as big as a baseball and cause no noticeable symptoms. Ultrasound is the most effective, affordable way to detect AAA early. Early detection remains one of the best weapons to prevent rupture and sudden death.
Biometric Health Screenings for Your Corporate Events
For corporate events ask us about our biometric health screenings.  We offer many options and not limited to the following:

AFIB Screening  (This scan is compimentary with 3 vascular)
To learn more about AFIB and other cardiac arrhythmias, click here for video.
AFIB or atrial fibrillation,  is an abnormal heart rhythm that occurs in the upper right chamber of the heart. AFIB causes blood clots that can lead to heart attack and stroke. AFIB can come and go at any time. If you are in AFIB, we can easily detect it with a simple 2 minute EKG. Early detection is key, so that you can receive the proper treatment to get the heart back into a normal rhythm and avoid heart attack and stroke caused by blood clots due to AFIB.

Heel Bone Density Screening (This test for women only, not available in all regions)
The identification of bone loss in the heel bone could indicate potential bone loss in other parts of the body. Using harmless ultrasound waves, not radiation, bone loss can be detected. Bone densitometry via ultrasound is not to be substituted for a conventional DEXA body scan. The best screening tools that are available to provide early markers for risks of osteoporosis are done in the field with machines such as the one we use. 

Vital Organ Screenings (These scans are complimentary with the vascular screenings)
While scanning the thyroid, gall bladder, liver or kidneys, the identification of stones, cysts or even tumors that could be cancerous is easily possible. Using harmless and painless sound waves, these problems can be seen in the abdominal area while we are scanning the aorta. You may have stones, cysts or tumors that cause no noticeable symptoms. Ultrasound is the most effective, affordable way to detect these problems early. Early detection remains one of the best weapons to prevent and treat potentially life threatening disease that may be occurring in the organs.  Note that ultrasound cannot find all physical abnormalities in the organs.  Only certain abnormalities can be detected depending on physical abnormality size or other physical attributes.
Blood Screenings (Not available in all regions)   
  • A1c/Diabetes - 3-month blood sugar
  • Cholesterol/Glucose/Full lipid
  • PSA/Prostate Cancer
  • CRP/C-Reactive Protein - Related to heart disease inflammation markers
  • TSH/Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
  • Etc...

To learn more about A1c, click here for video.  (NO fast required for this screening)
To learn more about cholesterol, click here for video.  (8 Hr. Fast required for cholesterol) 
To learn more about prostate cancer, click here for video. (NO fast - Refrain from all sexual activity 48 hrs. prior)
The identification of risks for being diabetic, having high cholesterol or prostate cancer can be easily obtained using a simple finger stick blood draw, NOT a needle in the arm. 

* This service is instituted as a screening only and in no way should be a substitute for a routine check up with a licensed physician.  If you have any symptoms regardless of the screening results, see a physician immediately.  Prescriptions are required to have the ultrasound exams we offer.  Our board certified radiologists will provide you with a prescription for our screenings based on your risk profile.
Both Kidneys
Gall Bladder
To learn more about osteoporosis, click here for video.
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