"The Rotary Club of Corpus Christi is well known for providing informative, timely, and interesting programs. Therefore it came as no surprise that they invited Stroke Scan to give a program at one of our meetings last July. At the end of the presentation when they offered to do a screening for anyone interested, I signed up. Two weeks later, tests at the screening revealed considerable blockage in my left carotid artery. I was strongly advised by Stroke Scan to visit my primary physician to confirm what the preliminary tests had found. Taking their advice, I followed up with my own physician who conducted simple tests and found an abnormality in my left carotid artery. He then ordered more extensive tests that confirmed the original findings and verified that my left carotid artery was 75% blocked. 

These results were sent to a thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon who recommended immediate surgery. Two weeks later I underwent successful surgery on my carotid artery. Now, a little over one month later, I am on the bandwagon urging everyone I know to get checked. It is a painless procedure that will only take about an hour out of your life. I now realize that in my case it prevented a stroke at the very least, and may well have saved my life. You can be sure that I will be having this test done once a year as part of my regular medical exam."

C.Kuehn / Corpus Christi, TX.

"I put off your stroke scanning service for several years as I have heart disease and I am under the continual care of a cardiologist. I already have 5 stents - I figured my cardiologist would be "on it" if I started experiencing plaque buildup in my carotid arteries. I was wrong! At the insistence of my wife, I did the Stroke Scan this year and the scan detected a moderate to severe blockage in my right carotid artery. I took the pictures you gave me to my cardiologist and he immediately contacted a vascular surgeon. Further tests confirmed a 95% blockage. Within 2 weeks, I successfully underwent surgery to remove the plaque.I am very thankful that we had the scans done and that they detected the blockage. The surgeon remarked after the surgery that my artery was in very bad shape and it was close to becoming closed entirely. Neither my cardiologist nor the vascular surgeon could detect any blockage with a stethoscope, even after the blockage was confirmed. If we had not done the scans at our park, my life could have taken a serious turn down a terrible path.Please be rest assured, I will urge all my friends and neighbors to participate in your Stroke Scan screening. Opportunity only knocks so many times. I feel like I was given the gift of a future."

B. Brosch / Mission. TX

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